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Support Fondazione Consulcesi’s projects

Support the efforts of Fondazione Consulcesi and its work aimed at reducing disparities in accessing medical care.

Fondazione Consulcesi is active in the Medical Support, Safeguarding Childhood as well as Inclusion and Social Impact fields through projects aimed at: supporting doctors in their work and fostering education and training in the health sector; combating educational poverty in childhood; lending support where there is vulnerability and ensuring a long term support that goes beyond the time of emergency.

Join us in supporting the projects! In order to improve the quality of life in the contexts in which we operate, we need everyone’s help.

Every little gesture can make a difference. Give your contribution.

How can I support Fondazione Consulcesi?

Choose to support those activities and projects that protect the most vulnerable individuals in the community.
There are two ways to donate and support Fondazione Consulcesi: Fondazione Consulcesi’s PayPal profile, which allows you to select in which way who can make your donation, i.e. one off or recurrent, or you can make a donation using the IBAN, deciding the amount and the frequency.

Make your donation using PayPal

Log in to the platform and choose whether to donate using PayPal or with a credit/debit card.

Make your donation by wire transfer

Enter your bank details and choose the amount and frequency freely.

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