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Consulcesi Group is Europe’s largest entity dedicated to healthcare professionals. Fondazione Consulcesi stems from Consulcesi Group’s firm desire to be tangibly part of a changing world, one that works in favour of the weakest.

Inspired by subsidiarity, solidarity and equality principles, Fondazione Consulcesi testifies to wishing to put oneself at the service of others, of the most vulnerable individuals, and of the community’s underprivileged sectors; a desire shared by all in the Group, from the President to the employees.

The Foundation’s goal is that of contributing to improving quality of life. In order to do this, we encourage collaboration between doctors, healthcare professionals and private entities, as we firmly believe that to provide more effective answers to the complex problems affecting the community there needs to be innovative energies and ideas.

For a large organisation the likes of Consulcesi, creating a Foundation means taking a very clear stance: that of corporate social responsibility.

We therefore make our resources available to projects that support the most vulnerable, from refugees fleeing war zones to children with diseases, from healthcare in developing countries to training humanitarian personnel.

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Find out how you can help us reduce disparities in accessing medical care and accomplish our projects in the Medical Support, Safeguarding Childhood, as well as Inclusion and Social Impact fields.