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Fondazione Consulcesi was established in order to support the needs of those individuals who are the most vulnerable. It does so both by either creating its own projects, where emerging needs are identified, thus proposing actions aimed at finding effective solutions to long-standing problems; or by collaborating with institutional entities, thus promoting an interaction between the Voluntary Sector and the business community.

The Foundation supports projects that promote development that takes place at a local level. It does so by bringing together the ability to innovate, new technologies and successful businesses ventures. The underlying hope is that these activities may become a framework that can be replicated, there including in contexts other than the health sector.

One of the Foundation’s firm beliefs is that the corporate world must seize the opportunity to make the most of the skills and resources it possesses in order to create valuable partnerships and bring about structural changes in the community.

In this respect, Fondazione Consulcesi brings together the desire to act in a scalable way and an agile entrepreneurial mentality. It does so by alternatingoperational action (direct management of projects) with an action of dispensing and distributing (grant-making to support Voluntary Sector entities), and fundraising activities with people raisingactivities. The goal is to attain the “contamination” and growth of resources in order to support projects having the highest social impact.

Fondazione Consulcesi’s manifesto

The tips of the trees, the skyscrapers’ roofs.
Flocks of birds, hail of bullets.
Airplanes and kites.
Rainbows and chilblains.
Generous skies,
dry skies,
skies at dawn,
skies at dusk,
skies filled with dreams,
motionless skies,
changing skies,
skies which overwhelm,
skies which recount,
hushed skies.
Open skies, overcast skies.
Different skies, the same universal yearning to fly.
Not all skies are the same
though we all have the same right:
the right to health.

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